Meet Tom Kuhn. Since joining the salon industry 25 years ago, he’s performed over 300 financial assessments, advised many of the best of the best and was co-owner of JUUT: a $25M salon business. He is also the creator of the 2 to 10 Project, a ground-breaking benchmarking and networking collaborative with some of the best salons in North America.  

Prior to joining the salon industry, he put in over 30,000 hours as a CPA with a specialty in creative, entrepreneurial businesses. He also was a guest professor for UMass Boston College of Management / Center for Entrepreneurial Studies for a semester long study with 15 MBA students on salon performance. He is also recognized as an expert in transition planning with an active clientele to help salon owners plan a successful exit plan. He also does work outside the beauty industry with current clients such as Merrill/ Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase.  

He’s opening up his ‘vault’ for this program featuring some of his best tips, tools, research, templates, etc. normally only available to high paying one on one clients. 



PACKED with training, tools and practices, here's some of what's included:

  • five core modules
  • 24/7 private training portal 
  • digestible content with power-packed, bite size videos 
  • peer community 
  • simple, easy to accomplish, high impact 'call to actions' with each module
  • “FQ survey” to test your financial IQ (no judging!) 
  • FAQ sheets
  • Tips for Better Financial Management
  • live calls (recorded in case you can’t participate)
  • how to develop a one page 'Profit Improvement Plan (PIP)'
  • visual worksheets for right brainers  
  • 'Sharing Numbers with Creatives' 
  • research and data
  • benchmarks for single AND multi-location  
  • 'Name to Every Number' for greater accountability and team work 
  • budget tips and worksheets 
  • how to 'Zoom In, Zoom Out' for better and quicker financial decisions
  • Excel and other templates
  • recommend P&L’s for single AND multi-location businesses
  • visual grid-based tools 
  • standards on the quality, timing and format of your financials for high profits 
  • checklists
  • recommended timelines 
  • Tom’s Top 10 Controllable's for managers 
  • case studies
  • quizzes and test outs 
  • recommended resources 
  • bonus content *
  • other goodies!! 

* bonus content will depend on when you enroll, early enrollees get more bonuses :) 

Based on your role, desired outcome, financial literacy, etc. we’ll make recommendations on the best course of action and approach for this program after you sign up.  

“Tom Kuhn has a vast repertoire of knowledge covering many areas in the salon business. No questions go unanswered.” 

Eric Fisher | Owner | Eric Fisher Salons | Wichita, KS.


There's a little bit for everyone in this course!

  • Novice & experts
  • Small & large salons
  • New & seasoned owners
  • Owners & managers
  • Current & future owners
  • Single & multi-location
  • Owners & spouses
  • Left & right brainers 


Take this program at your own pace/self study or join the guided cohort (live modules/calls). All modules will be recorded and posted in your private learning portal, so you are free to take your time, revisit the modules and complete this program at your own pace. 

* ‘Get Started!’ will include portal access, lesson overviews, access to the FQ (financial quotient) survey, select templates, FAQ sheets, tools, videos, and other resources that you can use and apply immediately.  

The following will be released and provided to participants during the course: 

  • live modules (recorded and posted in your learning portal in case you can’t participate)
  • bonus content
  • excel templates
  • visual grid-based tools 
  • checklists
  • case studies
  • other goodies!!  

You'll be able to take this online program at your own pace saving on travel and precious time away from family, business and all the other things going on in life!


"The Plan for Profits class was truly a joy. I have worked in the salon business for about 25 years. I have never learned so much valuable information from a single source before. College business and accounting classes have value, of course, but they aren't salon specific. 'Debits and credits' is easy. Salons are definitely unique entities. Managing cash flow, knowing benchmarks, hitting those benchmarks, engaging the staff, getting buy in for growth and profits in an artistic business that draws a non-traditional work force is the hard part. Qnity recognizes that and has tools work on both the accounting side AND the creative side." Sara Thomas

"Thank you Tom for manageable, bit size videos, great format!!!." Lauren Nordquist 

"These lessons couldn’t have come at a better time for me personally. Thank you!" Holly Thalman, K Charles

"Thanks for covering material in manageable increments ( 10 -15 min )." Ralph Priebe, Tulip

"Tom thanks for helping to open my eyes to the world of finances!" Paul Traylor

"So excited to be getting more comfortable with numbers Qnity Style and make a profit! Thanks Tom & Qteam for sharing all your knowledge." Marielle Shuster, Coiffereria 

"Love the breakdown of everything and how simple it is to understand." Luisa Garcia  

"Really enjoying this! The break downs on the Financial Statements are fantastic.' Christine Clutterbuck, DV8

"The information is informative, relevant, and important, and you’ve broken it down in a way that a creative mind can understand. It would have saved me a lot of heartache and stress if I had this infroamtion earlier in may career. Thank you for making this information available to us!" Karie Bennett Founder and Master Artist, Atelier Salon, CA

"Wow! Love all the eye openers. So glad to be digging into this!!!" Shane Ross

“The work we've done with Qnity has been awesome! Its been a great relationship. We look forward to continuing to work with you.” - Van Council, Owner, Van Michael Salons

"Tom Kuhn has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge of the salon & spa industry. He has worked both at the distributor and salon level and has a complete understanding of the business. He was a mentor to me as I entered this industry back in the mid 90's. His knowledge encompasses both the financial and operational aspects of the business. Tom is a valuable consultant for salons and spas.” Jessica Mapes, President, World Class Financal 

What a great event! Congratulations on your success! Thank you for including me. at 2 to 10! I want you to know that I am so honored by the invitation. Qnity breaks away from the status quo of the common beliefs of our business has become a disruptor. It took a bold, aggressive statement and plan. Gene Juarez, industy icon

”Tom doesn’t know we’re going to say this about him, but we think he’s a genius curriculum creator! His ability to take technical elements of running a salon business and turn into a visual learning experience that is easy to understand, and easy to retain, is incredible. Today he shares the most interesting facts about our salon financials, how to ensure that people are as important as profits, and what it means to have a competitive edge in your market! Kati Whitledge, Beyond the Technique

“Tom Kuhn is a a creative with a linear side, or a linear thinker who embraces his creativity. Whichever perspective chosen, I've come to know Tom Kuhn as that rare breed who integrates the left and right hemispheres of the brain creating a powerful resource in the coaching arena. Working closely with Tom through Qnity, and as a member and advisory board member of 2 to 10, I've also taken Tom into my confidence frequently, gaining valuable feedback in matters where this coach was looking for coaching. Having participated in several coaching programs and leadership modalities, I've come to respect Tom's simple, integrated approach, utilizing his vast experience in every phase of leadership, holding his clients accountable while making sure you know he has your back.” – Terry McKee, Co-Owner, Co-Owner, Nuovo Salon Group, Intercoiffure Board Member 

‘Thanks Tom for all the work you doThese lessons couldn’t have come at a better time for me personally. Thank you! for our industry. You are the best facilitator, not an easy task to keep us all on track and on purpose.‘ Eveline Charles, Eveline Charles, Calgary, Canada  

“Qnity's mThese lessons couldn’t have come at a better time for me personally. Thank you!ulti-location expertise has helped me and my team create a scalable business model” Frank Zona, Owner/CEO Zona Salons, Industry Leader 

Qnity has These lessons couldn’t have come at a better time for me personally. Thank you!given us , especially our managers, tools to become inspired coaches .The tools to coach from Qnity are extremely valuable resourse for all of them and myself . Knowing you have salon ownership experience first hand is huge! James Griffith, James Griffith Salons, FL

“Tom Kuhn is dedicated to growing stylists personal income and professionalism with practical, simple and visual business practices. He's highly professional, easy to work with and on top of things.” Paula Malloy, while at JC Penney Salons as Product Development and Marketing Director  

Tom Kuhn's passion and expertise on finance is a game changer. I have been in the salon/spa industry for 20 years and he teaches ways to measure your success."

"I recently was at a class with Tom Kuhn and I was SO drawn to the Finance component. His part of the program has been priceless. It has helped be implement the things I knew I needed to do but kept ignoring." 

“Qnity is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. The numbers speak for themselves. We grew our business by $550,000 over the twelve-month period after bringing in Qnity -Gil Gilbertson, Owner, City Looks, MN "

I have been with Qnity & Tom for over 4 years ever since my company has grown more. My Tribe love and recognized that utilizing the powerful tools that we learn has been a major factor in their professional growth"

"Tom draws you in with his charisma and then blows you over with his knowledge. He as been a loyal friend and advisor for over 25 years. Thank you Tom."

"The Qnity program and the guidance I’ve received from Tom has changed my business and my life. I’ve never been more confident as a leader and business owner. Thanks to the skills and systems I’ve learned through Qnity I've been able to grow my business, develop my leadership team, and spend more time with my family." 

 "Tom's communication tools really helped our salon and leadership teams work towards the same goals! Tom's knowledge of the industry is truly invaluable"

"Tom is a great and very necessary resource for our ever-changing industry."

"After 5 years running my business i had the opportunity to take the Qnity class with Tom and his team. The experience is priceless. Don't wait to long to take this training you'll be surprise of how much more you can do."

Tom and the Qnity Team are the BEST! Being a small salon owner, it is so nice to a part of something so Big! I am so thankful he shares his knowledge and his tools. 

"Tom has a unique and deep understanding of the salon industry, so when you ask him a question, he really gets it. Plus, he cares about every single person he works with."

"Tom’s vision and mission aligns so much with who I am as a business owner, it has been so rewarding partnering with such a terrific, humble and genuine guy that really has your Best Interest at heart. So Blessed to have found you Thanks for all you do for our Industry!"

"Tom Kuhn has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge of the salon & spa industry. He has worked both at the distributor and salon level and has a complete understanding of the business. He was a mentor to me as I entered this industry back in the mid 90's. His knowledge encompasses both the financial and operational aspects of the business. Tom is a valuable consultant for salons and spas." 

"It's a gamechanger. I have hard, measurable data. I am much more intentional than I have been before. I have become a HUGE fan!" "

"Tom's passion and commitment makes my heart almost burst—seriously, this guy is the cheerleader of the little guy and has created tools, training and practices for ANYONE to become successful." 

“Tom’s expertise has helped me and my team create a scalable business model. His unique methodology is simple and visual and helped create the path for our leadership” 






We never want finances to be a reason you can't take our program! To receive our payment plan of 3 monthly installments, call us at 952-237-7729 or email us at erin.kuhn@qnityinc.com.


Who is this program for?

Salon owners, managers and leaders looking to increase profits, financial literacy and best practices. There is a little bit for everyone in this course! Novice & experts, small & large salons, new & seasoned owners, owners & managers, current & future owners, single & multi-location, owners & spouses and left & right brainers.  

What can I expect from this course? 

Increased confidence, clarity on the financials, closure on what's holding you back, expert advice from leading financial experts, community support, a simple and visual way to view the numbers and more. 

How Much Does The Program Cost?

The standard cost of the program is $1,997, however there will be a one-time lower price of $1,497 if enrolled by the date indicated. If you'd like an option for a payment plan, we do allow it to be paid in four installments. The best value is for the one pay option. 

What is the time commitment and schedule? 

See the "schedule" overview above. Modules will be released on the dates listed above for those who wish to enjoy the experience in a guided cohort. For those prefer a self-study, modules will be recorded and posted in a private learning portal for you to refresh and complete at your leisure. 

If I don't have final control of the P&L, is this program appropriate for me? 

The best education is done BEFORE it's needed. Regardless of your current position, everyone who wishes to develop as a leader can benefit from this education.  

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

We're here to support you! Enrollees will be offered multiple ways to receive support and to have answer to questions throughout the process. 


$1,997 $1,497.00



We never want finances to be a reason you can't take our program! To receive our payment plan of 3 monthly installments. Call us at 952-237-7729 or email us at erin.kuhn@qnityinc.com.