Whether you're a leader in a Fortune 500 company, a small business owner/manager, or a coach working with private clients - your success is directy correlated to your ability to create behavior changes in those you lead, manage or coach. 

Using Qnity’s signature simple, visual and grid-based tools allows you to establish a deeper connection and help others dramatically expedite results in a way that’s engaging and memorable. Regardless of your current method of teaching or coaching, becoming certified in our suite of tactile learning tools will only enhance your approach and the results of those you serve. 

For the first time ever and for a one time only special bundled pricing, get certified COMPLETELY ONLINE to use five key Qnity tools within your business, training or coaching practice. Read below for benefits, what's included, course schedule, pricing and more. This offer will not last long, so we encourge you to sign up now!



Our tools are intentionally designed to help individuals get out of their head and into action. Following Qnity's simple, visual and actionable learning methodology; our tools help people create structure for FREEDOM and go from "knowing" to DOING

Qnity tools have been used in the corporate sector, with clients ranging from Estee Lauder to Merrill Lynch, to thousands of small business owners in hospitality, fitness, salons/spas, and more. 

These same tools have also been used with children and participants from over 14 countries; translated in Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish and Italian. Whether you are looking to transform results for your team at work, create breakthroughs with a coaching client or change your own life – you will find magic in our tools. 


 Whether you serve as a leader within a business, work with private clients or coach a team, your job is to help people create behavior changes that lead to results. Following our simple, visual and grid-based methodology, 

Qnity tools create unity between the right and left brain, business and creative, and head and heart; allowing users to have a tangible and tactical learning experience that guides them into taking action. 

Using Qnity tools provides leaders and coaches with a key point of difference, creating a transformative experience for their team or clients. So, what else is in it for you? 

IMPROVE RESULTS As a leader or coach, the number one indicator of success is the results of your team and/or clients. Our tools are based on a proven methodology, uniting visuals with specific text-based goals to create a whole-brain approach to goal setting; leading to lasting results that come through behavior changes. 

GAIN AN EDGE For leaders, business owners and coaches - it's a crowded market. Bringing Qnity's tools into your current approach and strategy will enhance your current approach while providing you a competitive edge - allowing you a key point of difference.  

 ESTABLISH CONNECTON Qnity tools are based off years of design to help people connect to their personal definition of a prosperous life. Our tools create unity between the head and heart, personal and professional, and left and right brain; allowing certified practioners to quickly develop a deeply meaningful connection with their clients or team.

SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS To effectively coach or lead others, it's critical for you to invest in your own skill set. How can you possibly coach others on creating their best life if you're not doing it yourself? Becoming certified will provide you with a unique suite of tools to add to your toolbox (literally!) to continue to develop yourself and those you serve. 

RECEIVE PARTNER BENEFITS Part of our mission at Qnity is to help people live their most prosperous lives. By becoming certified in our tools, we view you as a partner. Receive partner benefits such as 20% off all Qnity tool purchases, preferred pricing on future programming, and more. 



A versitile visual thinking tool to help you create something brilliant. 


A single page tool to connect dreams to actions. 

QLife MapTM

A whole-brain approach to vision boarding to map 5 key areas of life. 

8 SeasonsTM 

A revolutionary calendar system to transform personal productivity 

*Personal version. Ideal with QLife map

Inner CircleTM 

A visual tool to identify key relationships to increase growth. 

  • Qnity Toolbox (including tools pictured above)
  • Additional inventory of the above Qnity Tools to use after program completion 
  • $100 credit towards your first Qnity Tool Order 
  • Online video modules (hosted in a private learning portal)
  • Private Facebook group 
  • Qnity powerpoints for each Tool 
  • Access to Qnity trainer community 
  • Preferred pricing on community events
  • 20% off all future Qnity tool purchases 
  • Certificate of completion 
  • Ongoing Qnity support 


Tom Kuhn | Qnity Founder/CEO 

Erin Kuhn | Qnity President

Carrie Perkins | Director of Learning 


Complete the certification with a live cohort OR selfy study. The first live module/cohort will start Monday, September 9th at 12:00 pm CST. For the following weeks, you will complete 60 minute modules on each of the Qnity tools and learning methodologies. If you are able to make the live delivery, you can tune into the dates and times (all Monday's at 12:00 pm CST) listed below. If not, don't worry! Each module will be recorded and posted in your private learning portal for you to complete on your own time. After all the modules and assignments have been completed, you will officially be a Qnity certified Tool Practitioner on FIVE qnity tools!  

September 2nd (week of): Receive Toolkit, complete Introduction module 

September 9th: Foundations 

September 16th: 9GridTM

September 23rd: QPlanTM  

September 30th: 8 SeasonsTM

October 7th: Inner CricleTM

October 14th: QLife MapTM 

October 21st & 22nd: Tool Summit (Optional live event in Minneapolis, subject to additional fee)



What’s amazing and unique about Qnity is 100% the use of visual tools to map out goals and plans. We spend too much time on numbers and reporting, and we don’t look at things from a visual perspective, when so many of us visual learners! Qnity is such a great way to narrow down on very specific goals. I could go on and on!” -Kim Albano | Director, National Analyst & Associate Strategy | Merrill 

“Working with Qnity was transformative for our team, they have never had an experience like they had working with Qnity. It not only gave them tools to plan their own lives and accomplish their goals, but it showed them that we as an organization really care for them. I plan to use Qnity as a fundamental and foundational way we train and care for our women.” -Theresa VanderMeer Founder/CEO | WORK+SHELTER

“Your program brings such value. What you are doing in the world is so important and touches so many lives. Thank you for your passion and integrity. group.” -Dr. Robert Maurer, Author and Leading Authority on the Science of Excellence

“Qnity makes each person accountable for their own success and gives you a path to get there. It’s proven, it’s supported – Qnity is the right way. We’ve tried all the other ways. This is what works.” -Marilyn Ihloff | Owner | Ihloff Salons

Qnity is bringing creativity with structure to Merrill which has previously focused on point and click tools training. From the outside, financial services looks like left brain, however our associates are relationship builders. Qnity is educating us on leveraging our left AND right brains to drive responsible growth. -Lynn Mull | National Analyst Execution/Strategy | Merrill/Bank of America 

Qnity has really helped me to connect with my team in a different way. I am much more intentional than I have been before with them. The Qnity systems have helped me reach creatives and make work more fun. I have become a HUGE fan of Qnity. -Lisa Cochran | Owner | The Studio  

"Love what this company is doing - they appeal to your left brain & right brain to solve business problems, use a tactile approach, and help you get really clear on action steps. It was so cool to see how they could tell who I was as a person, what I valued, and what motivated me by the images I chose and then helped me convert all that into clear business/personal goals." -Sapna Parmar | CEO | Hello Duetto  

"Qnity has helped me focus on crossing things off of my bucket list which sat stagnant for years. Getting healthier. Sleeping better. Eating better. Educational goals. Professional goals. Increase income. Decrease debt. Carve out me time" -JP Gunderson | Manager | Bravo  

"It has added so much structure to what we do. There's so many moving parts and were all wearing so many hats. It allows us to see things through- it's really improved our execution strategy, I think everyone on the team would agree to that. We are being very task orientated and actually finishing everything." -Tina Ruiz | Director/Partner | Ruiz Salonspas  

 It allowed me to visualize different aspects where the business needs to go as a leader and the QPlan tool actually gives us a tangible way to customize coaching." -Christie Clutterback | Coordinator | Dv8  


Enroll Now in Qnity Tool Certification


Who is this program for?

This program will benefit anyone who is responsible or desires to help others and themselves create breakthroughs in any area of life. It’s especially useful for executives, leaders, managers, coaches, small business owners and anyone who is responsible for the performance of others. Even if you don't havee a team or coaching practice right now, these tools will benefit you both as an individual or a professional. 

Do I need to have attended a Qnity course first in order to take this course?

No! Whether you're a Qnity veteran or this is your first experience with us, you are welcome to participate in this certification. This certification will cover Qnity's foundations, allowing you to get grounded in Qnity's core framework and metholodgies prior to learning the in's and out's of each Qnity tool. 

How Much Does The Program Cost?

The standard cost of this program is $1,495. However, for this inaugural group we are allowing you to experience it for a one time only offer of $995. If you'd like to an option for a payment plan, we do allow it to be paid in three installments of $395 per month. Click here to register. 

What is the time commitment and schedule? What happens if I have a conflict? 

For the August 26th 2019 session, you have the option to tune in every Monday at 12 pm CST August 26th-October 14th (apart from Labor Day). Each module will last approximately 60 minutes each. However, it is NOT mandatory for you to attend at those times! All modues will be recorded and downloadble in your online portal for you to view in your own time. 

What does certification allow me to do?

After completing all the modules and assignments in Tool certification, you are certified to use and coach around 5 key Qnity tools. You may use these tools within your place of work or in your private coaching practice. As certified toll practitioner, you will also receive partner pricing allowing you 20% off these tools. Please note - we expect anyone certified in our tools and learning methodology to operate with the highest form of integrity. We reserve the right withdraw certification and take legal action if we feel our tools and brand integrity are being compromised. 

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Upon program registration, you will immediately be enrolled in a private Facebook group. This group includes all of our instructors, Qnity Leadership and peers for immediate support. If you have any questions throughout the process, we are happy to help you over the phone or via email. We are committed to your success. 

Minimum purchase requirement per year to remain active. We request all reorders of tools to be a minimum of five items in order to receive 20% .